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*A Great Alternative For Companies That Have A Smaller Marketing Budget*

You can become your own permanent solution to your revenue stream woes with RDM’s high-quality SEO coaching program.

It doesn’t matter what level you’re starting from or if you don’t know anything at all.  I will teach you what search engines want and what it takes to increase your traffic and conversion numbers in a few short sessions. More importantly, how to consistently deliver that result indefinitely.

To get started on your SEO journey you’ll need an audit. The audit will provide you with all the necessary information about the current status of your website. It will also include tools to track progress, as well as a brief analysis of your current competitors. This will give us a detailed roadmap to plan out our tasks together.


Alternative: Do-It-Yourself Audit

If you want to get started right away, I can teach you how to perform your own technical and search audit using the template I designed to make it easy for you. Then I can meet with you weekly to start you out on the tasks you need to get you ahead of the competition with the satisfaction of knowing you did it yourself.

It’s time to take matters into your own hands and take control of the direction your business is going.

“All of us at Metal Carport Depot just wanted to thank you for your hard work and expertise in getting outstanding results for our website. Within three short months we saw significant improvement in our rankings and website traffic. Most importantly, you have obtained results for us with improved sales, and that is an undeniable measure.

Your knowledge in regards to SEO best practices as well as optimization strategy is undeniable!”

Metal Carpot Depot seo coaching results


Michael Kern

Owner, Metal Carport Depot

SEO Audit Template

A Quick Introduction To My Audit Template

Introducing the interactive SEO audit template. You’ll get one of these free with your coaching package ($300 value).

It visually displays the data so it’s easy to understand at a glance and helps you keep track of the progress you’re making on the site.

It also takes into account your competitors standings when it comes to backlinks and some local data (if applicable).

The Benefits of SEO Coaching

One of the benefits of hiring an SEO coach is that it’s ultimately cheaper than hiring a consulting company that is in control of all of your organic efforts. It also gives you an invaluable and envious skillset which you can use for future endeavours. An SEO coach is a great alternative for businesses with a smaller marketing budget. 

As a passionate SEO coach with years of experience in digital marketing, I’ve developed an online 1-on1 coaching service that’s specifically designed to teach you the fundamental skills and processes necessary to create and maintain a successful SEO strategy.

If you’ve already researched SEO coaching, you’ve probably noticed that there’s an unbelievable amount of companies offering it. They all seem to offer the exact same results and services, at impossible prices. The difference between my online coaching and others is that I offer:

“Chris is incredibly knowledgable, experienced and he notices every detail. He has been patient and just a pleasure to work with. His insight into SEO is a great combination of art and science. He understands every technical detail, every bit of data but he always keeps the human aspect of user experience in mind as well. Having his expertise gives my business an incredibly valuable advantage.”

Stephen Gross

Owner, Brooklyn Editions

  • Security. With my training, you don’t have to worry about locked in contracts or hidden fees.
  • Completely personalized experience that caters to your business and your goals.
  • 1 on 1 communication catered to support your availabilities and circumstances.
  • Live in-depth walkthroughs using a screenshare service of your choice. I’ll teach you how to perform SEO specific tasks and show you how to conduct a review of your changes.
  • Contact Availability. You become my priority. You can contact me most hours of the day or night by phone, email or Skype.
  • Freedom of pace. Your coaching package or call-by-call has no time limit on completion. There are no additional costs for postponing, pausing or undergoing my coaching in segments.
  • Actionable tips on how to expand your branding and other marketing channel efforts.
  • Downloadable SEO audit template and other resources designed to make learning easier.



I provide the training and guidance you need to achieve your specific personal or professional monetary goals. 

By undergoing my online SEO coaching you’ll learn all the necessary skills to implement and maintain a strong, successful organic marketing strategy independently. With more website traffic, higher search engine rankings and more conversions, you’ll be waving goodbye to what was once a failing website and saying hello to a money-making machine. 

Coaching over a computer with analytics on it

How It Works

1. Get on a call

  • Interactive discussions are a staple of the learning experience.

2. Screenshare

  • You’ll need to see how it’s done first-hand, so we’ll use the screensharing program of your choice

3. Roadmap review

  • We will analyze the created audit and devise a prioritized plan to execute the tasks

4. Competitive analysis

  • The audit will also feature data derived from your main competitors so we can understand their advantages and weaknesses. We’ll continue to dive further into the inner workings of their optimization tactics.

5. Executing the prioritized plan

  • I’ll guide you through the steps of implementation so you know exactly how to do each task.

6. Weekly, biweekly or monthly follow up calls

  • Once you’ve completed the set of tasks I’ve shown you, we’ll get on another call to go over what you’ve completed and and get you started on the next steps


The steps in this process are designed to be continuously be performed in a cyclic method until you feel confident in completing the tasks independently. And remember, I’m here to answer any questions or inquiries you have regarding your website’s marketing efforts and your SEO. My main goal is to help you succeed.

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