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Before we get into talking about how our SEO consulting services work, I’d like to share an analogy:

A website is like an island.

It doesn’t matter how beautiful your island is if no one sees it or can understand how to get around it. People will only visit if it’s easy to find, comfortable, and it has what they’re looking for.

If enough visitors have a positive experience, not only will they tell their friends, but the powers-that-be just might make it easier to find. They’ll start advertising it on other popular islands and start building bridges and highways to it.

This is where SEO comes in.

It can help more people find your island by clearing the fog, and adding bigger, better signs to get attention from other islands and attract more visitors. Lots and lots of visitors!

What Exactly Is SEO?

Traditionally, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing the code and content of a website in order to increase rankings and organic traffic directed from a search engine.

We like to add a little more to it. The Relative part.

If traffic is coming and going through your site and  those users aren’t returning, an opportunity has been missed. Capturing traffic, remarketing, and cross promoting to other channels is how you can keep the same users coming back to purchase again and again on top of the increasing new traffic numbers. It’s how you create exponential growth for your company.

How Our SEO Consulting Services Can Help Your Business

SEO is the secret weapon for reviving stale website traffic or declining sales revenue.

It is an organic digital marketing strategy that can be an intimidating and complicated task without help. When done correctly, a strong SEO strategy can save or boost your website.

Correctly implemented SEO strategies can: 

  • Increase organic, unpaid traffic from search results 
  • Deliver higher concentration of users from your ideal target market due to the visibility of your page from relevant keywords
  • Improve search result rankings
  • Increase your conversion rate
  • Produce more online leads
  • Increase sales and overall revenue 

Sounds great, right?

Here’s the catch; It’s nearly impossible to create and utilize a strong, successful SEO strategy without the right support or knowledge.

You must find a consultant with years of experience and a commitment to data-driven strategies. The old way of “dummy SEO” doesn’t work anymore. Google has gotten considerably smarter and your consultant will need to keep up by studying the updates and guidelines consistently. Our methods are cutting edge, data-driven and competitor-driven to provide you the best results possible. The techniques I use transcend standard SEO practices because, in this day and age, multi-channel marketing = success. So where do you start?

Start With A Local Or National SEO Audit

First and foremost, you’ll need to get a technical SEO and search audit to see where you stand and how you’re going to get from your current state to achieving your monetary or traffic goals.

Whether you choose to have it done on my interactive SEO audit template, or a fully detailed white paper audit, you’ll easily be able to understand the overall challenges you’re facing and what will need to be resolved to get your site ranking and receiving more qualified traffic. You’ll get multiple pages of raw data (which will be explained to you) to help your team implement, if you chose to, or for me to work off of if we are to continue into an ongoing contract.

Next Steps

Although most of your strategy will be revealed in the audit, you’ll want implementation guidance to carry it out. It will also help to have on-going tests and detailed analysis projects completed to ensure optimal success over time. Implementing the instructions on the audit will only get you so far in improving your traffic without further guidance and consistent renewing of strategies.

If you decide you need that kind of help, we can talk about entering into a consulting contract in which we will provide all the assistence and support you need to ensure success.

Implementation Help

Whether you need us to implement the changes myself or guide and entire team to victory, We’re here to make sure everything goes as planned. If we take the job, it means we believe in your company’s potential and we’re willing to do what it takes to help you succeed.


If your team will be implementing, you’ll need us to verify everything was done correctly and in an optimal manner. Mistakes can’t afford to be made in SEO. The way every change is done matters.

Special Projects

The special projects can vary from analyzing content and data on your site and your top ranking competitors to loss analysis due to ranking algorithm changes or A/B testing title tags, page content improvements and more.

Team Training & SOPs

If needed, we can provide staff training to your developer or marketing team to maintain and increase SEO performance indefinitely.

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