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Traffic Growth

*6 months

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“All of us at Metal Carport Depot just wanted to thank you for your hard work and expertise in getting outstanding results for our website. Within three short months we saw significant improvement in our rankings and website traffic. Most importantly, you have obtained results for us with improved sales, and that is an undeniable measure.

Your knowledge in regards to SEO best practices as well as optimization strategy is undeniable!”

Michael Kern

Owner, Metal Carport Depot


Technical SEO

The company has had no prior relationship with any SEO or marketing company. The e-commerce website was plagued with technical issues that negatively impacted rankings, traffic, and conversions.

Index Bloat

There was nothing blocked in robots.txt, yet an innumerable amount of low-quality pages indexing which was dragging down the website.

KPI Tracking

In addition, Metal Carport Depot lacked proper KPI reporting and also required additional structural on-page updates and visual updates to improve user experience, reduce bounce rates, and increase traffic and conversions.


Never been audited


On-page issues

Design / UX issues

Technical SEO issues

Click-through rate issues


6 months of SEO coaching, covering every major problem on the website and how to fix them.


Technical SEO fixes

The audit revealed a large number of technical issues. We prioritized them during the audit process as well as mapped them for the client to make the process easier for them.

Setting up proper KPI tracking must come before all. We showed them how to set up Analytics properly to track all product sales on the website. We then proceeded with instructing how to perform each optimization over a series of coaching calls.

The strategy involved cleaning up indexed pages, fixing status code problems, redirect chains, etc. The main goal of this phase was to make sure we are only presenting high-quality landing pages to search engines and fixing any crawlability issues.


One problem after another

The text was way too small (10px across the whole site). Instructing them to increase the font to 16px or larger made a considerable difference in the look and feel of the website.

By relocating parts of the design on some of the pages and making sure there was some form of a call-to-action at the top of every major page on the site, we were able to make serious improvements on the feel and experience of the site. It had a large and direct impact on bounce rate, pages per session, and conversions.


Click-through rate solution

The title tags were redundant and weak. We guided them through a process to optimize the titles in such a way that they were able to get tons more clicks and even get more pages ranking by using better keyword placement, and in some cases, replacing the keyword on dead pages altogether. The result was higher clicks and click-through rates, more pages ranking, and higher positions.

On-page SEO Solution

While we didn’t dive too deep into the on-pages side of things (limited time), we got a lot accomplished in the way of proper structuring of the page with correct titles, H1s and other subheadings. This too appeared to contribute to the rise in position for many of the pages.

The Results

6 Months Of Coaching

55.08%Up arrow

Increase In Organic Traffic

89.91%Down arrow

Reduction In Bounce Rate

102.65%Up arrow

Increase In Pages / Session

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